PHITON Calculi Buster Syrup 200ml Guelph Healthcare®


Guelph Healthcare Presents PHITON 200ml Syrup,

200ml Calculi Buster Syrup, For Kidney Stone

200ml Calculi Buster Syrup, For Kidney Stone

  • Normalizes urinary pH and alleviates burning during urination
  • Relieves pain & inflammation by inhibiting the release of their mediators, soothes irritated bladder
  • Powerfully combats against common urinary pathogen inhibiting DNA synthesis or promoting membranolytic activity
  • Restores homeostasis of electrolytes, acid-base and water balance exerting balanced diuresis
  • Acts an adjuvant in chronic or recurrent UTI, Killing even the resistant strains of bacteria with the help of unique vital herbal concentration and combination
  • Provides citrates & biomolecules for healthier & clear urine formation
  • Acts potent anti-oxidant & rejuvenating thereby acts nephron-protective
  • Reduces residual urine quantity and improves the tonicity of urinary bladder particularly in atony condition due to surgery or ageing.
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